After 25 Years in The Business Building Game, Warren Dow Shares the Wealth with Real Estate Agents who Want to Take Their Business to The Next Level


“The self-appointed marketing expurts have ruined everything – peddling worthless shiny new marketing objects to needy agents who just need someone they can trust and guide them on their quest for growth. It’s time to squash the status quo – group think – marketing dogma out there and give real estate agents nothing but the actionable truth.” ~ Warren Dow

Dear Friend in Real Estate,

My name is Warren Dow, I spent decades as a highly paid corporate growth hacker, ultimately as a CEO running a quarter of a billion-dollar private company before creating M3 Media – a media and marketing agency specifically designed to help real estate agents fully realize their earning potential.

Over the past 13-years, my team and I have built a $20 million dollar marketing business using the exact same methodologies that you will discover here – real life and proven growth strategies that come from actual experience in the field… 

…not from a lot of hype and hyperbole.

It took me a lifetime to master the “not so basic – basics of business” and understand how any growth in business starts with an understanding of the foundational frameworks you need to put in place before you can activate growth…

…and I’m happy to teach it to you now.

I honor and respect the challenges that you face as a real estate agent – it’s a brutally tough business, super competitive and undergoing massive disruption and transformation as you read this today.

My philosophy in life is “a rising tide, lifts all boats” and that’s why I’m going to invest my time and vast library of experience and knowledge and focus it squarely on your business so I can shed light on the hidden opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.

I want to EARN your business by investing time and resources in your business first.

The Business Audit Game Changer Questionnaire is specifically engineered to locate the golden opportunities and existing constraints that are holding your business back and stalling or outright preventing your growth.

Would you invest just 7-minutes of your time answering some questions that will undoubtedly change your game and give you specific “what to do next” actionable strategies that will surely double your business in the next 12 months?

“It’s easier to find treasure if you have a treasure map.”

To your upcoming breakthrough ~

Warren Dow
Founder & CEO | DIGS + M3 MEDIA